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Then they stop at some barbecue joint called Red Sammy's. Others think it's a uproarious black comedy—like a film by the Coen Bros or a twisted R. To make her case, she mentions that there's a dangerous criminal named The Misfit on the loose, and that he's headed that way. The Misfit and the grandmother speak extensively about deep topics, and even when they disagree they continue to talk. A good man is hard to find movie summary [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

She is so startled by this realization which she doesn't tell anybodythat she jerks, letting her cat out of the basket where she's stowed it. The animal is propelled onto Bailey's shoulder. A dramatic accident follows, as the car veers off the road and flips over. As June Star laments, however, no one is killed.


The family waits for a car to come along, and sure enough, one does. Only it's not quite the help they were expecting. It turns out that their "help" is none other than The Misfit and two of his buddies.

The grandmother recognizes The Misfit, and tries to convince him he's a good man who couldn't possibly want to do anything to harm them. O'Connor, though, saw all of her fiction—including this story—as realistic, demandingly unsentimental, but ultimately hopeful. Her inspiration as a writer came from a deeply felt faith in Roman Catholicism, which she claimed informed all of her stories.

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The stories are hard but they are hard because there is nothing harder or less sentimental than Christian realism. Source: The Habit of Beingp. A recurrent theme throughout her writings was the action of divine grace in the horribly imperfect, often revolting, and generally funny world of human beings. This story affords perhaps the best place to start in exploring the work of O'Connor—after all, it was the collection A Good Man is Hard to Find and Other Stories that established Flannery O'Connor as a major voice in American literature, and a modern master of the short story.

Will you love this story? Will you hate it? That's as hard to say as a good man is to find—it really depends on your worldview and the strength of your stomach. While Bailey tries to explain their situation, the grandmother excitedly declares, "You're The Misfit! Bailey reprimands his mother.

A Good Man is Hard to Find

The grandmother says to The Misfit, "You wouldn't shoot a lady, would you? After affirming his parents were fine people, The Misfit brings up the weather, and the grandmother agrees with him. She again tries to tell him he is a good man. Bailey yells and says he wants to handle this. Bailey continues to talk for a moment before "his voice [cracks] The grandmother shrieks that he should return "this instant!

The grandmother again says to The Misfit, "I just know you're a good man. He talks about his father who said that he The Misfit was different from his other children. The Misfit apologizes for not wearing a shirt, and the grandmother suggests Bailey may have an extra one in his baggage.

The children's mother screams and asks where her husband and son are being taken. The Misfit ignores her and continues talking about his father. The grandmother replies he could be like his father and settle down to a decent life. The grandmother asks The Misfit if he prays, and he says no.


When two shots ring out from the woods, the grandmother calls out "Bailey Boy! He states he was not a bad boy, although he had done "something wrong" and ended up in the penitentiary. The grandmother wants to know why he was in prison, but The Misfit claims he cannot remember. The grandmother suggests it may have been a mistake, but The Misfit says the authorities have papers that say he killed his father, so it must have happened.

Yet The Misfit says his father died in the flu epidemic of The grandmother asserts if The Misfit would pray, then Jesus would help him. The Misfit agrees, but he says he does not want help. He mentions the particular crime an individual commits does not matter: although he eventually will forget exactly what he has done, he will a good man is hard to find movie summary punished nonetheless. When Bailey's shirt returns without Bailey in it, the children's mother struggles to breathe, and The Misfit offers her the chance to take June Star and follow her husband.

She accepts and—escorted by Bobby Lee and Hiram—she walks off to the woods with June Star and the baby. The grandmother falls silent when she is left with The Misfit. She struggles to encourage him to pray—murmuring, "'Jesus. Jesus,' meaning, Jesus will help you. After a scream from the woods followed by gunshots, The Misfit goes on, but the grandmother is terrified and says, "You've got good blood! I know you wouldn't shoot a lady! Two more shots ring out from the woods, and the grandmother calls out to Bailey.

The Misfit continues talking about Jesus and raising the dead. The Misfit's voice is about to crack when the grandmother reaches out to touch his shoulder, saying, filipina dating sites in dubai you're one of my babies.

You're one of my own children! The grandmother suddenly remembers that the house was in Tennessee, not in Georgia. Horrified at her mistake, she jerks her feet. Pitty Sing escapes from the basket and startles Bailey, who wrecks the car. The grandmother decides not to tell Bailey about her mistake.

A Good Man Is Hard to Find Summary

A passing car stops, and three men get out, carrying guns. The grandmother thinks she recognizes one of them.


One of the men, wearing glasses and no shirt, descends into the ditch. The grandmother and Red talk about how people are not nice anymore. Red says that "good men are hard to find", then he talks about how Europe is to blame for everything that is wrong in the world. As the road trip continues, the grandmother wants to stop at some plantation in Georgia. But then she remembers the plantation is in Tennessee. She gets upset, and shakes her seat. The cat jumps out on Bailey driver and he loses control of the car and they go into a ditch.

Then a hearse pulls up and 3 guys get out.

A good man is hard to find movie summary [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)