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To see more of the bel paese. Tips About Interracial Persian Dating. Ok…First things first…Big shout out to any of my cross cultural couples out there reading this. Follow italiansrus. Italian dating and marriage [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Is it italian dating and marriage chocolate and roses? Do Italians know something about love and romance that the rest of the world hasn't figured out yet?

For answers to these questions and more, I went right to the source: Italians. Although I have only gotten to discuss the topic with a handful of heterosexual men and women and we've barely touched the surface, I already have noticed some interesting trends. Of course, an Italian's opinion and ideology about romance is colored by the region of Italy and the generation in which he or she was raised. Nonetheless, I learned that, across the board, Italians are still fairly traditional when italian dating and marriage comes to gender roles, especially when compared to other Western countries.

And romance still plays a large part in modern relationships. Contemporary Italian women appear to have made the same strides as their counterparts in the rest of the Western world. But when it comes to the mating dance, they are still following man's lead.

When these roles are mixed, men no longer feel natural, nor are they too comfortable in this new dress. I believe that these differences italian dating and marriage products of the different night-life atmospheres in the two countries.

In America, it is common to find forms of inappropriate dancing and aggressive flirting at parties as adolescents abuse drugs and alcohol, using their effects as an excuse to make poor, and even dangerous, sexual decisions throughout the night. Conversely, in Italian night clubs, I have witnessed people of my age sitting with a group of friends dollars chat room password meeting new people, exchanging phone numbers, getting a few drinks, and talking for lengthy amounts of time.

As a member of a fraternity myself, I found these disparities both shocking and refreshing. It is actually more common to be in a relationship than to not be in one in Italy which differs drastically from America, where the majority of teens and young adults seem to have little interest in dating until later in life.

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You know you are dating an Italian when.....

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Relationships in Italy versus America

How about you? Have you had to navigate these confusing dating games in Italy or across other cultures?

How did you do? Rachel graduated with a degree in Italian language and literature. She currently lives in her favorite place in the world, Florence, Italy with her bilingual dog, Stella. Love discussing this topic, I could go on and on about it!

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Italian dating and marriage [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)