Shark dating simulator best ending


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WETTEST DATE NIGHT EVER | Shark Dating Simulator XL

This, like all Shark Dating games, is a rude, crude and immature-humoured visual novel. If that doesn't sound like your bag, feel free to not download this game and I wish you well. If on the other hand you like the sound of it, download away! Note that this version is called 'SFW' but that really just means that the saucier bits of the winning pictures at the end are censored.

It's still full of swears and crudeness, so make sure grandma isn't watching when you play it. Unless you have a rad grandma. The lewdest aquatic adventure I've been on. The only aquatic adventure I've been on but Liked the demo, finished it in about half an hour. Played it again after recording to try and get a different end, but ended up with the same one.

Visuals look pretty good. I've also included prompts that have no affect on balls for the sake of clarifying the fact that there is no consequence or reward for those choices. I'm all over it like an anemone!

SIght For No Eyes!!! Shark Dating Simulator #2

What IS the job? So snack on that!


Oh god, please forgive me! FYI, there are four possible results when she sees your balls. Less than 10 gets you a whupping. I don't know the exact number of balls required to get the best reaction when Shark Chan "sees" your balls.

Shark Dating Simulator XL - Walkthrough & Good Ending

It isn't easy to determine how many different endings are possible without seeing the source code. Share This Story.


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Shark dating simulator best ending [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)