Best dating profile pictures for guys


A creative? Furthermore, who honestly thinks that morphing into an animal is sexy? Sure, bathroom selfies with your shirt half off used to be all the rage, but our sexual palates have evolved, so should yours. Best dating profile pictures for guys [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

While just three percent of the photos in the study were black and white, those people were percent more likely to receive a like. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

Users that wore sunglasses had their odds decreased by 12 percent.


The key is to know how to accentuate your assets. Keep those pearly whites locked away if you value your swipe value. But new studies strongly suggest that men are viewed as more attractive when they smile without teeth. Feel free to dream up your own theories to explain the disparity but the results are in. Filters break the golden rule of keeping your face free of accessories.

Top 5 Online Dating Photo Tips for Men Who Want More Matches

Furthermore, who honestly thinks that morphing into an animal is sexy? That being said best dating profile pictures for guys how each photo attracts a certain type of person. If your goal is to date pixies and furries that fetishize animals, maybe consider posting that filtered photo.

In other words, ping-pong, badminton, and bowling photos are best left in your archives. Wannabe climber. Roomba owner. Jesse, 27 Amateur Lego builder. Terrible cook. Aspiring snowboarder. Dating Profile Example 3: Movie quote Referencing movies or tv shows is a really great way to engage on a dating app. Examples Ferrin, 25 My labelmaker is the single best purchase of my 20s so far.

Also, keep in mind that style is reflective of you making an effort in a relationship. Looks and style are certainly not the most important thing when it comes to sustaining a long-term partnership, but there is something to be said about showing that you want to make an effort to look attractive for your woman — and for her to put effort into looking attractive for you.

Hire a pro! Professional photographers are trained to make you represent the best version of yourself via photos.


With the monstrous popularity of online dating, professional photographers have been getting in on the business. How to choose a photographer for your online dating photoshoot:. The best profile picture poses are ones the follow the SEP model s houlders, e yes, p osture.

The way you carry yourself is a big part of an attraction, and a big part of this can come down to posture. Choose photos that showcase your confidence through body language. Never slouch in photos — stand up straight with your shoulders back and always complete that strong stance with a smile and good eye contact.

4 TINDER Pictures that will DOUBLE Your MATCHES

So yes, this is a biggie. For guys, while you obviously need a smiling, happy shot direct to camera, especially for your main profile photo, you also need some supporting shots that show you staring off to the side, looking past the lens not directly into it. And OK Cupid backed this up by saying they found the most effective photos for men, were those when they were looking away from the lens.

Best dating profile pictures for guys [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)